RUBELAB {a center for environmental innovation}

Welcome to!

The "RubeStation" at Eustis St. and Clifford Ave. in downtown Eustis.

The RubeStation

  • 200 sq. ft. roof photovoltaic array
  • Will produce approximately 3000 watts from the sun
  • Grid connected
  • Three small electric vehicles fit in the space for one large car
  • Structure of steel and aluminum
  • 110 volt AC power available free (for now)
  • A "Streetscape Amenity"
  • Energy independence, a healthy planet and jobs!


Artistic design:Doug Hays

RUBELAB is an incubator of sorts, a center for environmental innovation, like the solar powered charging station for electric vehicles. We are "geeks" and "gearheads". Home is Eustis, FL. Neighbors and visitors and are very welcome. Please explore the site and learn a little more about our mission or read what people are saying. 


If you'd like to get involved, attend our next meeting and see what's it's all about?

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